Ücretsiz online ingilizce deneme dersi ile seviyeni ölçebilirsin.
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You speak English as you practice
We are able to direct all our needs through the internet in our developing technological products and applications. We can easily say that this is possible thanks to the rapidly growing and online language schools in recent years. Online Language Education; The aim of this course is to present the courses prepared by language schools via video communication tools online and interactively by the professional language instructors. Anyone from 7 to 70 with a computer and the Internet connected to it can get Online Language Training.
Zoom Application in Education

ZOOM APPLICATION: You can use the application on your tablet or on your computer if you want to use the application, you can take advantage of our resources trough to screen sharing which is one of Zoom's features and you can get Online English Education whenever you want.

All the resources you need in your hand at PDF

PDF: Online education at home, at school, at work, etc. You can access all the resources you will need anywhere on our site.

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